Over the past 15 years, El-Chidiac & Abi Chedid gained its experience through listening to their customers’ needs.
El-Chidiac & Abi Chedid buys new and second hand wood working machinery mainly from Italian, German, and other European manufacturers, renews them, and delivers them to its clients.
El-Chidiac & Abi Chedid started its operations in the local market. After gaining more than 50% the market share, we spread our operation to the Middle East region, Gulf region, and Africa. We served our clients inUnited Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Nigeria, Monrovia, Liberia, Sudan, Conakry, Turkey etc…
Our goal is not just selling our customer but also building a long relationship of trust with him.
Our customers’ trust and our after sale service are the main reasons that made us survive for more than a decade. With a simple phone call and wherever you are located in Lebanon our maintenance team will arrive at your factory within 24 hours and as soon as possible if you are located abroad.

Current Openings

We have several oportunities now available:
* Sales
* Mechanical engineer

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